About Us

Macroeconomics is an economics consulting firm specialising in economic modelling, forecasting and policy analysis focusing on community and social justice issues.

Our experience centres on Canberra and analysing the impact of alternative fiscal and budgetary policies for government and forecasting the macroeconomy.

Clients come from the community and private sector as well as from government. They look to us to help them do good for the communities they serve, and to meet the highest standards of socially responsible behaviour.

We analyse and quantify the impact of different policies and actions for our clients. Rather than narrowly focusing on economic measures, Macroeconomics provides comprehensive analysis of how a change may impact on the environment, social economy, and broader macroeconomy, as well as the traditional business bottom line measures.

Macroeconomics maintains an advisory board of Senior and Research Fellows to ensure the highest-quality policy outcomes for our clients.

Our business is a family friendly firm with a national focus with offices located in Canberra and Melbourne.